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Millions of people around the world do not have access to the therapy they need, be it due to a lack of therapists, the high associated costs, or the social stigma around seeing one.
At VerapAI, we are on a mission to deliver intelligent, affordable, and effective AI-driven virtual reality therapy in a manner that reflects both the personalized and intimate nature of mental health therapy today to the doorsteps of every single person worldwide.


56.4% of adults with a mental illness in America receive no treatment

Therapy can dramatically change people's lives for the better

So why do people avoid getting therapy?

Exorbitantly high costs: most people can't even afford their own healthcare, so how would they foot the bill for a therapist?

Social stigma associated with seeing a therapist: some see it as a sign of weakness, when it really isn't

Fear of being judged by another person for their deficiencies or insecurities

Lack of appropriate infrastructure to support mental health institutions, especially in third world countries


In bringing together therapists and their patients on our VR therapeutic platform, we aim to harness the combined power of AI and medical professionals to offer an increasingly intelligent and effective set of social skills development pathways from anywhere in the world.

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“I am thoroughly impressed with the progress I have seen through the development of this virtual therapist. The data they collected during their tests do show that Mary is able to make a difference and help increase eye contact and joint attention skills. She also has the ability to correct various articulation and phonological process errors too. I hope that they continue collecting data with different sample groups to see the efficacy of Mary in various populations, as she really has promise in being both an assistive and stand-alone tool in the therapy industry. The immense potential I see in this concept ,especially its affordability and personalizable user-friendly interface,  has me really excited to see if and how Mary can help in other issues such as depression and PTSD, and how far these young men can extend Mary’s global reach!”

Sandhya Padmanabhan MS, CCC/SLP
Owner, Teamwork Speech Therapy Inc


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